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The holiday season is the perfect time to express your gratitude to your nanny or household employee for their dedication and commitment over the past year. This time of year we receive a number of calls from Diamond employers wanting to know what to get their Nanny for Christmas. With 35 years in the industry […]

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What to get your Nanny for Christmas

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In the quest to hire a nanny for your family, partnering with a trusted agency can make all the difference. Let’s delve into why agencies like Diamond stand out as the preferred choice for discerning families. Unwavering Peace of Mind When You Hire a Nanny The responsibility of hiring someone to care for your loved […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Professional Agency When You Hire a Nanny

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Are you thinking of hiring a driving nanny/caregiver for your family? This can be a great option to help with running errands, taking to appointments/ activities, doing pickups and drop offs, and more. While most families provide a vehicle for their caregivers to use, other families rely on the caregiver to provide a vehicle. In […]

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Driving Nannies/Caregivers

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You’ve done it; you found a job that sounds like a great fit, you successfully landed the interview and you’re on your way to being placed with the perfect family. How can you help make sure that happens? Our team at Diamond Personnel has your best interests in mind so we have come up with […]

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Making the Most of Your Interview: How to Beat the Odds

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enableWhen it comes to hiring a nanny, you want to find the best fit for your family. Aside from thoroughly inspecting their resume, a few in-depth interview questions for a nanny will help you better understand their experience and personality. You are trusting this person to care for your children, and asking the below interview […]

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6 of Our Best Interview Questions For A Nanny

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Although they often get lumped together, nannies and babysitters are far from the same. Yes, both are childcare workers, but there are many differences between the two. Nannies Nannies are often certified professionals who are employed by one family. They work full or part-time and, in some cases, live with the family that employs them. […]

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Nannies vs. Babysitters: What’s The Big Difference?

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Your nanny is a valuable member of your support circle. A nanny can provide services related to child care, home cleaning and even managing aspects of your family schedule. But your nanny won’t be very effective if he or she isn’t happy. Similar to an employee in any company, nannies have needs and goals that […]

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How To Ensure Your Nanny Is Happy In Your Home

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When it comes to hiring a nanny, you can choose to use a traditional nanny agency or do-it-yourself. The DIY route often involves placing an advertisement, sifting through countless responses from prospective candidates, making unending phone calls, and interviewing a long list of candidates. Even if the strongest candidate you find has good referrals, the […]

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Is An Online Nanny Service Right For My Family?

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Going to work and taking care of a cranky preschooler or two can be quite exhausting for many parents, causing them to consider hiring a nanny who can direct all their attention to taking care of the little ones. But there are many factors to consider when looking for a nanny, including getting an independent […]

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What Level Of Nanny Service Should You Invest In?

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It can be a daunting task to find the right person to care for your family. It’s important to find one who has all of the necessary qualifications and references, who fits into your home environment and who is beloved by your children. Here are some things to look for to ensure that you are […]


10 Signs Of A Great Nanny

Samantha C.

She has been a partner in not only making sure my daughter grows up safe and healthy, but also polite, kind, and educated from an early age. I am so fortunate to have found Maria with Diamond’s help, as my life could not be as it is without her."

"Maria hasn’t simply joined our family, she has grown up with it, and is fundamental to it. 

Wooley Family

She is always taking the kids to the parks to do outdoor activities and gets the two older boys to school on time. Sheila is the best cook ever she can make homemade dumplings, wontons, stir fry, spaghetti, homemade garlic lemon chicken fingers and the list goes on. 

"Sheila has the most positive, resilient and heart felt personality. Sheila is an early riser and every morning she is happy and upbeat and 100% reliable.

Newhook Family

As first time parents we look to Brenda for guidance, as she is a mom and has raised many other babies. She’s punctual, reliable, trustworthy and helps with many household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. 

"In just a few short months Brenda has become an integral part of our family and we couldn’t be happier! Her beautiful spirit and positive attitude reassured us we made the right decision. 


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