Has running your household become increasingly challenging? If you're not sure exactly what you need, it's time to discover the advantages of full time in-home household staff! As Canada's most trusted household staffing agency, we help you find the perfect fit for your home so you can find peace of mind and time to get back to doing the things you love. 

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Working with the most caring and knowledgeable team of professionals, we give you the confidence to select only the best for your household. Our extensive network of household support professionals across Canada, gives you access to top tier talent. We use a proprietary process called The Diamond Experience™ to ensure your needs are identified, your employee is the right fit, you remain in compliance, and your new hire successfully integrates into your home.

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A Nanny Housekeeper assumes more responsibility than a traditional nanny. This is a combination role more suitable for homes with older children who are in school all or part of the day. Duties range from childcare to general housekeeping and organization, as well as meal planning and preparation.

Nanny Housekeepers

Nanny Educators are childcare professionals who focus on education and the development of children in a private household setting. They often have early childhood or elementary backgrounds and specialize in teaching and educationally-focused activities.

nanny educators


A Nanny is a trained childcare provider whose primary responsibility is keeping your children safe, happy, and engaged. The specific duties of a Nanny vary but may include light housekeeping and meal preparation, depending on the needs of the family. A Nanny's main goal is to provide high-quality childcare and support. 

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Caregivers are trained to provide special care to an elderly individual or someone with special needs. Diamond caregivers provide high quality, personalized care including assistance with activities of daily living, personal hygiene routines, and companionship. A Diamond caregiver’s priority is to keep your loved one safe, feeling secure and dignified in their presence. 

Elder & SPecial Needs Caregivers

Family Assistants provide support to families by managing household affairs and assisting with various personal, administrative and family-related duties ranging from back up childcare, driving, running errands, planning travel, managing family calendars, registering for activities and more. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the household runs smoothly and efficiently.

Family Assistants

Nanny Household Managers are a blended position suitable for families seeking a mix of childcare and general household support. Duties range from taking care of the children, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, managing household inventory, grocery shopping, running errands and more. This role is suitable for households with hands on parents or children who are in school for most of the day.

Nanny/HouseHold Managers

Executive Household Managers oversee the general operation of the residence. The duties are different in each residence, depending on the size of the house, family composition, and how many staff are employed. Executive Household Managers may manage daily schedules and duties of other household staff such as cleaners, nannies, arrange external services and work with maintenance companies to ensure the proper functioning of the household. 

Executive Household Managers

An Executive Housekeeper is a seasoned professional with experience in high-end households, able to work independently or on a team. They have a high standard for discretion, social etiquette and interpersonal skills. Duties include a wide range of meticulous day-to-day duties of managing a household.


Diamond Housekeepers have experience cleaning homes and have a passion for maintaining and caring for your residence. Duties range from daily household maintenance to general cleaning, caring for household items, laundry and cooking. Diamond Housekeepers have attention to detail and are proactive.


Chauffeurs provide transportation for individuals or families. They are responsible for safely and comfortably transporting their Employers. They are professional, discreet and must have an excellent driving record and experience. Chauffeurs are responsible for all aspects of the care and maintenance of the vehicles. 

CHAUFFEURS & Private drivers

At-home chefs are professional cooks who provide meal preparation services for individuals or families in their own homes. They are responsible for creating delicious and healthy meals, taking into consideration dietary restrictions and personal preferences. 

Personal Chefs

An Estate Manager functions as the director of multiple properties, overseeing various teams of staff and typically planning and preparing for various events. The Estate Manager is an administrative service professional who possesses a mature and seasoned knowledge of luxury household operations and systems, property management, security, technology and personnel. They work directly with the owners to plan and execute the overall management of property and service. 

Estate Managers

A Personal Assistant would manage the personal and home affairs of her employer to free up his or her time to focus on other things. Candidates may provide administrative, scheduling, travel, and budgeting support. Personal Assistants generally have excellent oral and written skills and knowledge of social and business protocol.

Personal Assistants


A Butler delivers high-end, personalized service to an individual or a family in a private residence. He maintains high-level household standards and works with the other household staff to establish a consistent standard. The responsibilities are tailored to the lifestyle and personality of the household and can be similar to the responsibilities of an Executive Household Manager.

A house couple is a team of two individuals (often spouses) who work together to provide
 a range of domestic services, such as housekeeping, cooking, property maintenance, and personal assistance, to a single household. House couples provide a wide range of support and ensuring that the household runs smoothly and efficiently.



The process was seamless, professional, and their decades of experience really shows. They turned a process that would otherwise be stressful into a walk in the park. Thank you Shauna for finding us Nora, she’s a part of our family now!"

" I have had the pleasure of working with the Diamond team to fill a House Manager role and couldn’t be happier.

Eric M.

On behalf of both my wife and I – thank you. It seems such a small thing to offer but for us what more can we say without it sounding trite."

"Your selection of a caregiver for our family was perfect.  Our trust is deep rooted and we really do believe it is a match Diamond.


We cannot thank you enough, her personality is lovely and so uplifting! We greatly appreciate it and hope you find our great friend Alex a wonderful nanny such as Carmina! Thank you and we look forward to having Carmina as a part of our family for a long while."

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for finding and sending us Carmina! She is wonderful and a true angel!


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