Your children deserve the absolute best care, which is why we are committed to providing the highest caliber nannies in the country. Diamond nannies are Canada's most experienced, trustworthy and passionate professionals in their field, and they undergo extensive screening and vetting through our proprietary 10 point screening process before being hand-selected and matched with your family. 

Fill the Gap in Your Family’s Support System
with One of Canada's Best Nannies

We stand behind our placements. We GUARANTEE satisfaction and offer a 4-month replacement guarantee on all of our matches. If the match isn't right, we will fix it!

Deliver a renewed and secure peace of mind!

Reduce risk of turnover because we make the right match the first time.

Allow working parents to return to work and focus on their passion

Establish successful full-time, long-term, stable relationships

Take time to listen and understand your needs to find the right solution

Eliminate the fear of hiring through ethical, transparent recruitment services

Pair highly personalized service with the best professionals in the field and you get the right match - that’s what we promise when you work with Diamond! When you choose Diamond, you can expect the best because we work to:

Our Nannies Care Because We Care

Whether it's playing games, reading stories, going on adventures, or simply providing cuddles, our nannies will make sure your child feels safe, loved, and cared for at all times.

We offer a professional, supportive, transparent and seamless process. We are there for you when others aren’t because we listen to your needs, hand-select the best candidates, and make the right matches. Our nannies are carefully screened and undergo rigorous background checks to ensure their suitability. They are knowledgeable and experienced in childcare, and will provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your family. 

All You Need Is Support You Can Count On

Provide loving care and attention to your children

Plan and engage in age-appropriate activities and games

Prepare and serve meals and snacks

Help with personal care, such as changing diapers and potty training

Read stories and books to your children

Ensure your children’s safety and well-being

Encourage Independence and provide support and motivation

Plan and participate in educational activities, such as arts and crafts

Run errands for the family, as needed

Assist with homework

Provide transportation to and from school and activities

Create a warm and nurturing environment for your children

Collaborate with parents to establish a consistent routine

Keep your children's living and play areas clean and tidy

Document your children's daily activities and milestones

Attend to your children's emotional needs, such as providing comfort and reassurance

How Can a Nanny Enrich Your Child's Life?

Our nannies work full time providing consistent and reliable care to bring stability to your home. Whether you need newborn, preschool or school-aged care, we have a nanny who is right for you.

We understand that every family is unique, and we take the time to understand your needs and match you with a nanny who is the right fit for you and your child.

Benoit A.

Shiela has been extremely good with our family and our two boys love her very much. She is a very good worker with a positive attitude and very energetic. We couldn’t have found any better for our family.

"I would like to thank your agency for the excellent services we received and also for finding our Nanny from the Philippines. 

Gloria & Dave

Dave and I are expecting our second child this January. Thankfully we have Tess to help us out! I can’t even think of what I would do having a toddler and a baby without Tess! Dave and I definitely made the right choice with your help going the nanny route."

"She has made such a great addition to our family and made our lives so much easier. Alexzandra is so attached to her which really makes me happy.


Our family life is of priceless importance to us and bringing a quality person like Irene here to help with our children has given us overwhelming peace of mind. Diamond is without a question the best, THANKS!"

"We are quite pleased with every aspect of our dealings with Diamond Personnel and would certainly without question refer your service to anybody.


A professional nanny is so much more than a babysitter — they are a best friend, pillar of support, and part of your family. Whether you need a nanny educator, nanny housekeeper, or a nanny house manager, we will find the perfect nanny for you!

Your Perfect Match Awaits